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The Oxbridge Formula is changing the game...

If you’re an Oxbridge Physics or Engineering hopeful, you’re completely in the right place.

Proud to be the only specialist Maths and Physics Oxbridge Consultancy in the world, our entire team (including our founder) is made up of first-class Oxbridge mathematicians and physicists. We have been in your shoes and we have reached the goal you are trying to achieve. Our mission is to use our experience, combined with great teaching, to help you get there too.

As featured in:

The Oxford Physics/Engineering
Accelerator Programmes

The Oxford Accelerator will help prepare you for every step of the application process, from personal statement writing, to exam practice, to interview preparation.

You won’t find such highly intensive, comprehensive and personalised preparation specifically for Physics- and Maths-based Oxbridge courses anywhere else.

There are two Accelerator Programmes: Silver (🥈) and Gold (🥇)

What's included?

  • 🥈🥇 Over 800 exclusive online video solutions
  • 🥈🥇 2x full days of PAT group coaching
  • ​🥈🥇 Pre-recorded versions of our live summer PAT courses
  • ​🥇 GOLD EXCLUSIVE: ​1-day Physics/Engineering group interview course
  • 🥈🥇 ​BONUS: Weekly 'Ask-Me-Anything' Live Sessions with our expert tutors
  • 🥈🥇 ​FAST ACTION BONUS: Personal statement video feedback - FIRST 20 STUDENTS ONLY!
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Keep reading to learn more about each part of the Oxford Physics/Engineering Accelerator Programmes


Q: I attended one of your courses earlier in the year. Is the course that's included here the same one?
A: Not at all, this is a brand new course, covering completely different questions and material, building on the previous course you attended. If you didn't attend the previous course, we're including the videos for it here so that you can catch up!

Q: I already have the online resources as part of the Platinum Online Bundle or 'Maximise Your Summer' Bundle, so I don't need these again.
A: Not to worry, send us a message at with the order number of your previous bundle and we'll send you a way to purchase the bundle at a further discount of £150.

Don't just take our word for it...

"I would recommend the problem-solving course to anyone because you get so many insights into difficult problems and I feel it has massively improved my problem-solving skills overall." –Rohin
"The best things about the course were the variety of the topics and the range of different exercises." –Alexandros
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Oxbridge entry is more competitive than ever before

In an uncertain world, your best asset is an elite education.

Getting into Oxford is one thing, but the rewards that will follow are even greater!

What does getting into Oxford mean to you?

  • Studying with the best minds in the country? 
  • Being taught in 1-1 or 2-1 sessions by world-class academics?
  • Proving that you have what it takes to survive a tough Physics or Engineering degree and coming out the other side with fantastic grades?
  • The massive sense of accomplishment?
  • Making yourself infinitely more employable?
  • Getting that warm, fuzzy feeling on Results Day, knowing that you’ve made your family proud?

You know that by investing in your education today, you will reap the rewards for years to come.

And if you're going to get help, why not get the best help you possibly can?

Mastery of Oxbridge-admissions-level Physics and Maths is rare to find. Even rarer is someone who can teach them well.

Are you 100% committed to your success?


This special offer is valid for...
  • Tap into the knowledge of our expert Oxbridge-educated tutors - There’s nothing like the experience of someone who has been there and done that. Use our experience to get ahead. 
  • Lead your own revision with our vault of exclusive online video resources Take charge of your own admissions test preparation. Oxford are looking for self-starters and independent study is absolutely key to success. But only if you know you’re going in the right direction. Our 800+ in-depth videos explain the thought processes of expert problem solvers so you literally start thinking like one. 
  • Receive a highly personalised learning experience We’ll work with you to identify areas of weakness across the whole application – personal statement, admissions test, and interview (Gold Accelerator only) – so that you can accelerate your progress and turbo-charge your application. 
  • Empower yourself with our in-depth interview preparation (Gold exclusive) -  One of the most nerve-wracking parts of the entire admissions process (the remote interviews this year will only add to the nerves), the interview is often an area where many otherwise-excellent candidates fail to shine. Together, we'll make sure you're able to show your true potential at interview.

The Oxford Physics/Engineering Accelerator
...The Details


🥈🥇 Over 800 exclusive online video solutions (including extra practice questions) - Available immediately

Students tell us that when they see a solution, they get it, but that they would have never come up with this solution on their own.

Our 800+ video solutions have been created by our handpicked team of expert tutors. They have been created to express every thought process, so that you can start to think just like an expert and approach problems in the same way. 

This video content and the extra practice questions we provide form the basis of the independent study that our students will do at home.

“Even when I could get an answer to a question myself, I went straight back to the videos to see the tutor's own solution, because I'd almost always learn some trick I could use in the future.”  –Kelly

🥈🥇 2x full days of PAT problem-solving coaching in a group setting (on Zoom) (PAT course 2 of 2) - 17-18 October 2020

Building upon the material we covered in our summer course, these highly interactive sessions will teach you how to think like an examiner and approach PAT questions like a true Oxford student.

Over the last few years, the long Physics questions in the PAT have become harder and harder, almost emulating the style of 1st-year undergraduate Physics. In this course, we will take you through some of the hardest problems, which bring together multiple topics, including some you may not have studied at school yet.

Learning from others is a fantastic tool. This course allows you to re-frame your problem-solving approach. You’ll learn how to interpret questions in the way they are intended to be solved, seeing multiple different approaches and tricks to speed you up. You’ll be able to collaborate on problems with tutors and other students in your classroom.

This course will challenge you to your limits and make sure you are not thrown by any problem that appears in the exam.

Dates: 17th - 18th October 2020

- Effortlessly manipulate and apply unfamiliar formulae
- Draw together knowledge from the whole of the syllabus and apply it to very challenging problems
- Employ geometry and graph sketching in Physics
- Rehearse explaining your assumptions and evaluating your results
- Dive deeper into the background and significance of familiar material

“The tutors taught Physics topics in a very different style and from a different perspective which you don't necessarily see at school - very useful!” –Rachel

🥈🥇 Summer PAT course video catchup replay

Our live summer Physics and Maths courses were more popular than ever this year, so we've put together a handy video version with all the content so you can:

A) Catch up if you missed our summer courses
B) Refresh the material closer to your test or interview if you attended them already

"The best thing about the course was the huge diversity of Physics topics covered." –Clement

"Topics such as electrostatics, capacitors and circular motion were covered in detail and made me much more confident when attempting PAT past papers." –Dominykas

(VALUE: £499)

🥈🥇 BONUS: Exclusive Weekly "Ask-Me-Anything" With Tutors (Value: £499)

Running for the FIRST TIME EVER!!

We'll take the questions you submit and answer them during our live, weekly call, happening every week until the beginning of November, unless we're running a group course on that day.

Never again will you have to wait more than a few days to resolve questions that are troubling you or misunderstandings that are holding you back.

You'll also see our tutors answer others' questions - questions you might not even have thought to ask yourself!

(VALUE: £299)

🥈🥇 FAST ACTION BONUS: Exclusive Personal Statement Video Feedback (Value:  £299)


So, you've drafted a personal statement... but how do you know if what you've written is what Oxford admissions tutors are actually looking for?

Submit your personal statement draft to us and our founder Paarul will email you back a concise yet comprehensive video review. Paarul is an expert with years of experience in perfecting the personal statements of her Oxbridge applicants, gathered from her teaching career of 10 years in the independent sector.

£629 + £499
SAVE OVER 45%! 😮😮

Offer valid before 6pm Sunday 4th October 2020

(VALUE: £459)

🥇 1- day Physics & Engineering-specific group interview course - 15th or 22nd November 2020 (usually £459)

Generic interview prep is rarely very useful for scientists and engineers, and it can be hard to find realistic interview practice for these subjects.

This 6-hour course is completely focused on the ins and outs of a physics-based interview. Specifically, you’ll practise answering tough, never-before-seen physics and maths problems and explaining your thinking to the interviewer as you go.

Uniquely, you’ll do your interview in front of the nine other attendees and you’ll have a chance to watch their interviews too, allowing you to work through the questions in real time.

Isn’t that super stressful, I hear you ask?

Basically, yes!

And students who attended this course in the past unanimously told us that the real interviews felt easy in comparison.

“The mock interview was very effective at putting us under pressure: great practice for the real thing!" –Prana

£1128 + £459

Offer valid before 6pm Sunday 4th October 2020
"Useful stuff on waves, intensity, and best of all astronomy.  The opportunity to work with other students all preparing for the PAT was both reassuring and useful, as we had already learnt the same material, but each had different ways of attempting problems." –Erin

Our triple satisfaction guarantee to you:

We are sure that no other organisation offers such a comprehensive and rigorous package of online and group courses specifically for PAT and physics- and maths-based interview preparation. In the unlikely event that you do find an identical package at a lower price, carried out by tutors with comparable credentials, we guarantee to match the price.
We guarantee the quality of our tutors. All of our tutors are either Oxbridge-educated or hold a PhD from a Russell Group University in a relevant subject. Our tutors go through an intense selection process before they qualify to work with us, and even after that they undergo further training to shape them into the best teachers possible.
In order to make the best progress, we recommend that students work independently for 1 hour/day, using the video resources to make note of new techniques and marking and correcting their work as they go. If within 7 days of purchasing the course you don't feel like it is helping you, send us your notes and marked questions to prove you've done the work, and we'll refund you 100%.
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What's the investment for the
Oxford Physics/Engineering Accelerator?

Save a MASSIVE 45% by booking before the countdown timer ends!

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  • 800+ exclusive online video solutions & questions
  • 2x full days of PAT coaching in a group setting
  • Pre-recorded versions of our live summer courses
  • BONUS: Weekly 'Ask-Me-Anything' Sessions with our expert tutors - value: £499
  • FAST ACTION BONUS (FIRST 20 STUDENTS): Personal statement video review and feedback - value: £299
Save £710!!!
  • EVERYTHING in Silver
  • PLUS: 1 full day Physics/Engineering group interview course - value: £459

This sale has now ended. Current prices are as shown:

  • 800+ exclusive online video solutions & questions
  • 2x full days of PAT coaching in a group setting
  • Pre-recorded versions of our live summer courses
  • BONUS: Weekly 'Ask-Me-Anything' Sessions with our expert tutors - value: £499
  • FAST ACTION BONUS (FIRST 20 STUDENTS): Personal statement video review and feedback - value: £299
  • EVERYTHING in Silver
  • PLUS: 1 full day Physics/Engineering group interview course - value: £459
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Meet some of our tutoring team...


A first-class Oxford graduate and qualified classroom teacher, Paarul is the founder and visionary behind The Oxbridge Formula and author of The Oxbridge Formula book.

Having been an Oxbridge Mentor in a top-10 London independent school and garnered more than 10 years teaching experience, she is committed to helping students fulfil the heights of their potential through hard work, a growth mindset and plenty of problem solving. Together with Lead Tutor Chris, she has helped nearly 3000 students with their Oxbridge applications.


The Oxbridge Formula’s Senior Oxbridge Tutor, Chris is a first-class Oxford Masters’ graduate with 7 years’ experience mentoring Oxbridge candidates to success. He is the co-author of The Oxbridge Formula and responsible for co-creating many of The Oxbridge Formula’s sell-out admissions test preparation courses.

With experience working with students individually and in groups, Chris heads up the tutoring team and ensures a high standard of education is maintained throughout all of The Oxbridge Formula’s courses.


Rohan holds a distinction in his Master's in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from Oxford, after achieving a first in every year of the undergraduate degree. He is pursuing a Master's in Statistics and Financial Mathematics and is looking to undertake a PhD.

An outstanding problem solver with a deep understanding of Physics, Rohan has created a great many resources for The Oxbridge Formula and frequently tutors for us. He is a very skilled mathematician, adept at applying mathematical tricks in Physics problems.


Harry holds a first-class Masters in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, having specialised in Physics and Astronomy. Currently studying for a PhD in Astronomy, he regularly teaches undergraduate physicists at university.

A highly insightful and patient tutor, Harry regularly teaches on courses put on by The Oxbridge Formula designed for students sitting the PAT, ENGAA, and NSAA, admissions tests for Oxford and Cambridge respectively.

+ 27 other highly qualified tutors...

You can’t get a world-class standard of education from just anyone. 

All of our tutors go through an intensive selection process, allowing us to handpick the true experts in their field. All of our tutors:

  • Have first class degrees from Oxford or Cambridge, or are on course to get one
  • Are put through multiple rounds of interviews
  • Must deliver successful sample lessons
  • Can communicate complex ideas efficiently and engagingly
  • Are further coached in tutoring techniques
"I found that the tutors were very approachable and good at explaining things clearly. There were also quite a few tutors which meant you could get a lot of one-to-one attention. I also liked how we were encouraged to discuss the problem among ourselves, and afterwards the tutor would go through it, and so we would learn in two different ways.–Tinwai

Case Studies

Meet Grace (now reading Physics at Oxford)

“I applied to Oxford to study mathematics and was unsuccessful primarily  due to being unprepared for the MAT admissions test. However, I was determined to study at Oxford and reapplied for Physics the following year with a new knowledge of the level of preparation required.

Studying with STEPMaths (now The Oxbridge Formula) transformed my ability to perform strongly in the examination and I was consequently offered a place.

I found the worked solutions extremely helpful and clearly explained and I was also impressed by how quickly and effectively tutors addressed my questions.”

Meet Amelie (Engineering at Oxford)

“As an applicant, I was confronted by the daunting Oxbridge application process. Though PAT papers were available online, there were no official mark schemes and unofficial ones were often confusing. 

The Oxbridge Formula’s PAT Programme offered clear step-by-step solution videos for each PAT past paper question and introduced me to new and useful methods to answer PAT-style questions. This allowed me to enter my exam and interview feeling prepared and able to successfully answer more questions than would otherwise have been possible.

I received 4A*s on results day and got into Oxford, to study Engineering Science.”

Meet Anna (Engineering at University College, Oxford)

“Attending the interview course gave me the valuable opportunity to practise answering Physics and Maths questions under conditions closely resembling the real interview. This made the real interview less daunting and stressful! The questions asked were at the right level and it was useful to be exposed to so many interview-style questions in one day.
The 1-1 feedback given was constructive and helped me improve my technique and draw attention to any areas of knowledge which needed reinforcement.
Overall, the programme was a great way to prepare for my application and I would highly recommend it to any Oxbridge applicant!”

Meet Giacomo (Physics & Philosophy at Oxford)

"Having failed to secure an interview when applied the first time, I reapplied in the knowledge that I would have to drastically improve my preparation.

So, I was fortunate to come across your in-person courses. They're clearly designed to tackle the specific challenges of Maths and Physics entrance tests such as speeding up calculations and getting used to applying known physics to unfamiliar situations. And one of the questions we addressed actually appeared in a modified form in the 2019 PAT!

I found the courses challenging, engaging and particularly fruitful for honing essential skills for the entrance test through clear explanations and multiple example questions.

These courses proved invaluable for my application, as applying the skills I’d developed through the courses helped me succeed in the PAT and ultimately secure a place at Balliol."

Meet Bartol (Engineering at Oxford)

"I applied to the Oxbridge Formula with limited knowledge about the PAT and how to approach applying to Oxford and left with that and so much more. Video solutions to past papers balanced with exercises to test and stretch a student’s knowledge are unique ways in which the Oxbridge Formula prepares its students for such a daunting process.

The PAT is especially notorious for hiding Year 13 Maths and Physics in its syllabus and the Oxbridge Formula covers all of these challenging topics in a concise and easy-to-follow format.

Having gained a place to study Engineering Science at Oxford, I will forever know that using programme provided by the Oxbridge Formula made all the difference in building my confidence in the PAT as well as in my success overall."

Meet Mikey (Physics at Oxford)

"I particularly appreciated the opportunity to do a realistic subject-focused mock interview that I wouldn't have got to do at school otherwise. I received a realistic amount of help from the interviewer and then got lots of useful feedback that I could act on in preparation for the real thing.

It was also really useful getting such a wide variety of supplied questions and seeing the range of ways the other students reacted and answered.

I'm now studying at Oxford, so thank you for all your help!"

Meet Finn (Physics at Oxford)

"The PAT programme taught me how to solve problems in a step-by-step manner, and with this I was able to tackle questions that touched on new topics or went beyond the A Level.

We were also exposed to time-saving shortcuts, especially in complicated-looking circuit questions.

I found this imperative, not only in the PAT, but also my interviews, where it helped me present a clear thought process in the way interviewers are looking for.

 I consider this programme necessary to get an edge in the competitive applicant pool."

What could you achieve?

Did you know..?
Oxbridge graduates earn, on average, £400,000 more in their lifetimes than graduates from non-Russell Group universities.

Not just the emblematic gold-standard of education, an Oxbridge degree maximises your chances of career and grants you an immediate advantage in the workforce.

Here at The Oxbridge Formula, we won’t just be preparing you for university. The intensive interview practice and personal statement writing help we offer will provide you with the essential skills you’ll need in higher education and beyond.

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"I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who is considering studying Physics at university. The pace is slow enough for you to follow and fast enough that a lot of content is covered.

The tutors can see if you are struggling and need some extra help, which they are more than happy to give."

"I loved the format of the lessons, doing the discussion in pairs and then going through it all together.

I also found it really easy to follow the teaching on topics which I hadn't done any work on before (circular motion for example). 

I now feel much more confident going into the PAT."

"Lots of useful questions! Good student to teacher ratio and everyone had the opportunity to contribute a solution and attempt the question for ourselves.

I feel more confident for the PAT and my interview."

"The course was a real eye opener to the difficulty of the PAT. Group work helped us exchange knowledge and get the correct answers. The tutor explained the questions and topics covered nicely."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It consolidated my physics knowledge along with making me tackle different unknown questions.

Difficult concepts in kinematics and dynamics were clearly explained, and I learned new formulae for orbits and circular motion that I had never seen before."

"I was able to quickly learn new material required for the PAT and could apply that knowledge by doing several practice questions.

The teachers were excellent at providing explanations for some ideas that were harder to grasp."

"I enjoyed playing pictionary as an icebreaker with the tutors! But I also learned loads about orbits and capacitors, which were new topics for me.

All topics not already covered by the A-level curriculum were clearly explained in a methodical manner. And most topics went into greater detail than A-level."

"I found that the course was a really effective way to develop the level of understanding required for the PAT.

I found all the topics supplemented my A-level learning without losing me, creating a perfect teaching environment.

The course was led by highly competent teachers who made sure no student was left without a clear understanding. There were enough staff to make sure everyone that asked for help got it. Overall, super good!"

"The tutor was very knowledgeable, explaining difficult content in a way that made it more understandable. The size of the group also allowed for group work, without limiting any 1-1 opportunities. The topics covered were very useful if you're taking the PAT. "

"Going on this course has helped me to understand some topics on orbits and circuits that I'd never covered before at school but which were on the PAT."

This special offer is valid for...
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